NVD & Changes to Russian Beef Market Access 25/01/2014

  • 8 years ago
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The Australian Government has confirmed that Australian exporters are required to ensure they only source cattle that are HGP Free when processing meat and offal products for export to Russia.

Producers must declare on the LPA NVD if the cattle consigned have ever been treated with HGP’s.

Russia HGP free requirement is separate but in addition to the existing specification for product being free of the antibiotic agents, oxytetracycline & chlortetracycline chemicals on products and feed containing these chemicals.

Producers who do not use these products or feed containing oxytetracycline & chlortetracycline, or who comply with the 90 day ESI must continue to write the words “Russian Eligible” on the Cattle LPA NVD Question 9.

In short, nothing has changed on what producers were doing earlier with Russian Eligible.

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